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On Avocado, you can build your fortune in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.
About avocado

The All-in-One Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT Solution

Welcome to the Avocado Ecosystem! Here you can do everything that you would ever want or hope to do with regards to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. You can build your fortune in this space, coming up with a plan to put away digital assets and cryptocurrency, for whatever your goals may be in the future.

  • Doxxed team
  • Strong Development
  • Community driven
  • Comprehensive Ecosystem

Buy, Sell and Trade Avocado.

  • Live NFT Marketplace
  • Metaverse Land
  • Avocado Store
  • Avocado Parties
  • AvoSwap
  • Staking
  • Avocado Wallet
  • Avocado Debit Card
NFT Marketplace

Meet Avocado's NFT Marketplace

Rather than sell only our own NFTs, we are also empowering others to do the same. The Avocado NFT Marketplace will host our NFT collection, the official AVO Farm game NFTs, and a secondary market, where holders, investors, and creators can mint and sell NFTs of their own. Our NFT marketplace will establish the sort of legitimacy and security that have been so elusive for this community. We aim to support creators and their patrons, making it easy for them to interact and process the transactions as they want.

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P2E game

Play the AVO Farm Game!

In AVO Farm, you can plant a seed, using a special NFT that you purchase in the Avocado Store, in order to start growing crops and other plants. As you expand your farm, you will earn additional tokens and NFTs, generating compensation for the time and effort you put into the game.
*Images are for illustration purposes. Not actual gameplay footage.



As stated, the AVO token will work for the people who make up the Avocado community. That is our top priority. We have planned the following tokenomics in order to maintain stability within the token.
Basic information :
  • NAME :
  • Ticker :
  • Blockchain :
    Binance Smart Chain
  • Max supply :

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About avocado

The All-in-One Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT Solution

  • Phase ONE

    Social media creation
    Official Website
    Launch Marketing Campaign
    Token Launch
    CMC and Coingecko Listing

  • Phase TWO

    Avocado NFT Marketplace
    First 5000 AVO NFTs
    First Avocado Party
    Avocado Giveaways
    AVO Farm - NFT Game
    Metaverse Land

  • Phase THREE

    Tier 1 CEX Listings
    Tier 1 Sponsorships
    AVO Swap
    Second 5000 AVO NFTs
    First Burn

  • Phase FOUR

    Avo Wallet
    Avo Card
    Second Burn